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tyrannosauridae portraits complete (re-fixed) by ShinRedDear tyrannosauridae portraits complete (re-fixed) :iconshinreddear:ShinRedDear 98 30 Gnarly Granny by Stolpergeist Gnarly Granny :iconstolpergeist:Stolpergeist 118 14
Tyrant Tantrums Part II: Skin'n'Feathers'n'Scales
When I first made my "Pachyderm Rex" drawing, I was quite proud of it as I looked into the creature's facial covering. However, later on, it seemed that it wasn't up to date with the current info. Several changes were needed to make it up-to-date, and those changes will be addressed in this post, as well as something I have been thinking about for quite some time.
So, without further ado, let us once again take a look at the appearance of the Tyrant Lizard King.
The first thing I want to get started one is, of course, those maxilla dents seen in many a rex.
Those depressions in the maxilla are quite odd, and I was puzzled as to what they were. I originally thought they were naked skin that had thickened due to their sorta rough texture. For a decent amount of time, I've been trying to find out as to how those dents may have been, and I think I have found the answer, but that will be addressed in a later post.
For now, I will focus on a part of the skull that has been intriguing me for
:icon105697:105697 17 51
Are retro '90s Tyrannosaurs making a comeback?
Well, I have to admit it.
It was tempting to draw large tyrannosaurs with a heavy coat of feathers. It proved VERY tempting. But I stuck to my guns and held out on it. Why? I wasn't convinced the evidence would favor it.
I had already seen pictures of skin impressions attributed to the neck and chest of T. rex, and they were scaly. But this wasn't published and therefore people were casting doubt on it (I wonder if they did the same when Yutyrannus photos showed feathers, before it was formally published and described?). Now some may ask what I have against feathered tyrannosaurids, since that is the new orthodoxy in much of paleo-art (just as lizard-like restorations were orthodoxy in the time of Knight and Burian). The answer is actually: nothing. But when talking about giant tyrannosaurids there was no actual evidence of feathered skin. Not only that, but being roughly 1.5 times the length of the still taxonomically controversial Yutyrannus, the largest T. rexes at 12 meters were ov
:iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 21 180
The fuss about Tyrannosaurid feathering
Yeah, most of you probably noticed the controversy as of late : a new paper came out from Bell et al. that finally described some previously undescribed, but rumoured, pieces of tyrannosaurid skin (Well, mostly just T.rex and T.bataar skin). 
The skin impressions revealed very small scales on places like the tail base, illium and neck. 
There's also a few small scale patches from smaller tyrannosaurids, but those are from regions that were commonly left unfeathered anyway (tail underside, feet etc). 
Bell et al. correctly state that these scale impressions don't rule out feathers over the dorsum. But I'll go a step further and say that with the current data, even dorsal feathers are not incredibly likely for Tyrannosaurus rex and it's fellow gigantic tyrannosaurids.
Because what you're really doing is : '' Oh there's scales showing it was less feathered, let's still make it as feathered as possible as the evidence allows''. The scales are pretty uniform eve
:iconpaleosir:paleosir 16 100
Kirtland stream by paleosir Kirtland stream :iconpaleosir:paleosir 96 35 Southern cassowary by Xiphactinus Southern cassowary :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 126 26 Liaoningvenator by Xiphactinus Liaoningvenator :iconxiphactinus:Xiphactinus 146 30 2017 Troodontids by Tomozaurus 2017 Troodontids :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 141 12 Beautiful feathered tyrants by GetAwayTrike Beautiful feathered tyrants :icongetawaytrike:GetAwayTrike 92 7
David Peters doesn't only have a bad side.
First of all: No, David peters is neighter a scientists, nor are his theories on reptile evolution plausible. And yes, he misinformed a lot of people, and even students in schools with his work. But I'm not here to talk about that.  
I wanna talk about his art and him as an artist, without regard to scientific accuracy or his academic backround.
David peters has created awesome artwork in the past. He has illustrated a lot of books on dinosaurs, some of which got pretty popular:
As you see, this is fine artwork on the covers with perfect lighting and (at the time they were made) awesome anatomy and detail. Here is more of his now dated but artistically beautiful work:
:iconthedubstepaddict:TheDubstepAddict 6 58
Tyrannosauroid integument composite by Tomozaurus Tyrannosauroid integument composite :icontomozaurus:Tomozaurus 211 21 Tyrannosaurus rex by MattMart Tyrannosaurus rex :iconmattmart:MattMart 161 164 Callovosaurus leedsi by Kana-hebi Callovosaurus leedsi :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 159 10 Loricatosaurus priscus by Kana-hebi Loricatosaurus priscus :iconkana-hebi:Kana-hebi 188 26 My first digital drawing (Archaeopteryx) by 9Weegee My first digital drawing (Archaeopteryx) :icon9weegee:9Weegee 12 7


All this started when Concavenator was described. Surprisingly, it's ulna showed apparent quill knobs, this finding was taken with excepticism, let´s remember that Concavenator was discovered before Yutyrannus and Kulindadromeous, and that at that time, we only knew about wings and protowings in pennaraptorans, and therefore, no one expected quill knobs in an allosauroidean. So, alternative hypotheses about the bumps began; the strongest one being that they are ulnar muscle scars. However, this claim was later proven wrong; so it seems likely that allosauroideans had actually protowings.

And here is where the meme begins; since Concavenator was described, everyone has reconstructed it's protowings as formed by bare quills, since they look primitive and therefore, seem to fit to an animal like Concavenator. The problem is that bare quills are actually unlikely, since we know from fossil dinosaurs, like the tail in amber specimen, that barbs evolved before the rachis or quill, while bare quills have only evolved in cassowaries from stage 5 feathes. So open vaned feathers (stage 3) are probably the most likely thing.


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